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Mr Tea says ‘Bring on the Summer’ with an Earl Grey Gin Cocktail – courtesy of Laura Gosling

Well, we are now into July and it is time to call on the Summer weather to come and join us – Sunshine I mean! So to help us enjoy the sunshine, Laura Gosling has created another great recipe, using one of our tea’s and we are sharing the recipe below:- Earl Grey Gin Cocktail […]

Chocolate Chilli Bubble Tea – Courtesy of Laura Gosling

We are always looking for something different that you can use our fantastic range of teas for and our friend Laura Gosling has produced this great recipe for: CHOCOLATE CHILLI BUBBLE TEA Ingredients: •1tsp chocolate chilli tea •Roughly 200ml milk •Honey or simple syrup •Tapioca pearls – available online or at your local Chinese supermarket […]

Easing out of Lockdown – Cocktail No.1 – Passionfruit and Orange Tea Gin – Courtesy of Laura Gosling

Well its Sunday and I thought it was time to help everyone prepare for easing out of lockdown, so once again we have called on the services of our friend Laura Gosling (https://www.instagram.com/laurasfoodanddrink/?hl=en) to create another cocktail.   Passionfruit and Orange Tea Gin.   Ingredients: 25ml gin 30ml passionfruit and orange tea syrup  Topped up […]

Lockdown Recipe – Hibiscus Tea infused Macarons, with Ginger Cream – Courtesy of Laura Gosling

Well, the weather has got a little bit cooler, so our friend has produced a recipe for feel good Macarons, I hope you enjoy them. This recipe makes around 20 macarons Ingredients: Macarons- 100g icing sugar 80g ground almonds ½ tsp cut Carslake Hibiscus Tea Gel food colouring (optional) 80g caster sugar 72g egg whites […]

Lockdown Cocktail No.2. – Iced Hibiscus Tea and Malibu Courtesy of Laura Gosling.

Here is the second of our Lockdown Cocktails, courtesy of Laura Gosling.  Iced Hibiscus Tea and Malibu  Ingredients: •250ml iced hibiscus tea •80ml malibu •simple syrup (if you would like it sweetened further) To make the iced Hibiscus tea take 1 level teaspoon of cut hibiscus flowers and infuse in cold water for 15 minutes, […]

Lockdown Cocktail No. 1. Lemon and Ginger Tea Prosecco Courtesy of Laura Gosling

Mr Tea has called on the services of a lovely young lady called Laura Gosling to produce some ideas for Lockdown Cocktails and take some beautiful photographs of them. This cocktail is a light flavoured sparking wine creation. Lemon and Ginger Tea Prosecco This tea adds a very light flavour to the Prosecco and takes […]

Mr Tea asks ‘Is Tea our Panacea? No, but it can make us feel better.’

Tea, for some people can help them achieve some tranquillity and peace. In times of trouble, stress and anxiety, we often look for a something that can cure all, put everything right, or at least help us to feel good. Scientists and Medical professionals and Philosophers have been searching for it since time immemorial and […]

What is a caffeine free or decaffeinated tea?

Many of our customers are looking for either caffeine free or decaffeinated loose leaf tea, so we thought it would be useful to produce a short blog post explaining the difference between the two and also the different methods of decaffeination and how you may be able to tell the difference just by tasting them. […]