Lockdown Cocktail No. 1. Lemon and Ginger Tea Prosecco Courtesy of Laura Gosling

Mr Tea has called on the services of a lovely young lady called Laura Gosling to produce some ideas for

Lockdown Cocktails and take some beautiful photographs of them.

This cocktail is a light flavoured sparking wine creation.

Lemon and Ginger Tea Prosecco

This tea adds a very light flavour to the Prosecco and takes away some of the sharpness ?

To make the Lemon and ginger tea syrup:

Steep one teaspoon (one tea bag) of lemon and ginger tea in 75ml water

with 30g sugar for 10 minutes.

Add the syrup to Prosecco – between 1-3 tablespoons is a good amount,

it depends on how mellow and flavoured you would like the Prosecco


Recipe and photo courtesy of @laurapgosling https://www.instagram.com/laurasfoodanddrink/