Lockdown Cocktail No.2. – Iced Hibiscus Tea and Malibu Courtesy of Laura Gosling.

Here is the second of our Lockdown Cocktails, courtesy of Laura Gosling. 

Iced Hibiscus Tea and Malibu 
•250ml iced hibiscus tea
•80ml malibu
•simple syrup (if you would like it sweetened further)

To make the iced Hibiscus tea take 1 level teaspoon of cut hibiscus flowers

and infuse in cold water for 15 minutes, or longer to acquire the strength you require.

Then place in the fridge to chill further or add ice cubes.

Create a simple syrup by taking 30g of sugar and dissolving in 75ml of boiling water.

Recipe and photo courtesy of @laurapgosling https://www.instagram.com/laurasfoodanddrink/