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What is a caffeine free or decaffeinated tea?

Many of our customers are looking for either caffeine free or decaffeinated loose leaf tea, so we thought it would be useful to produce a short blog post explaining the difference between the two and also the different methods of decaffeination and how you may be able to tell the difference just by tasting them. […]

A healthy cuppa

Whilst attending various Farmers Markets, Food Festivals and the numerous other events I visit each year, probably the most frequently asked question by my customers is: ‘What are the health benefits of loose leaf tea/fruit infusions?’ Now, my first reaction is to explain that many teas are reported as having various health benefits, for differing […]

Tea tools

VivaBoo mint green

In addition to our range of teas we are currently the only stockists in Europe of the Fantastic Vivaboo platypus Tea Infuser.  We also stock a fantastic range of For Life Stump Teapots, Bell Teapots, Infuser Mugs, Bodum Assam Teapots, Bodum Travel Press (Travel Mugs)