Chocolate Chilli Bubble Tea – Courtesy of Laura Gosling

We are always looking for something different that you can use our fantastic range of teas for

and our friend Laura Gosling has produced this great recipe for:


•1tsp chocolate chilli tea

•Roughly 200ml milk

•Honey or simple syrup

•Tapioca pearls – available online or at your local Chinese supermarket (optional)

•Follow the instructions on the tapioca pearl packet to cook them. Quick cook tapioca are much easier to use and only take around 6 minutes to soften in boiling water. Once cooked, mix the tapioca pearls in some honey or simple syrup and add 2-3 tbsp to the bottom of your glass.
•To make the tea, steep 1tsp loose chocolate chilli tea in 60ml boiling water for 10 minutes. Add this tea to your glass, then top up with milk (you can use either hot or cold milk). You can add more honey or simple syrup to taste.
•If using tapioca pearls, it would be convenient to buy wider straws (usually available from the same shop you buy your tapioca from) or use a spoon to pick up the tapioca if you can’t find the straws.

Recipe and Photograph courtesy of Laura Gosling